Q1 Are all products in stock ?
A1 All items have a quantity number next to them (Number in stock)

Q2 Do you make to order ?
A2 No... our products are all set designs.

Q3 Where do you deliver to?
A3 If you currently get mail from Australia Post, you will get orders from us.

Q4 Can I return my order ?
A4 Yes but read Shipping and Returns

Q5 Where can we see your products / When are you open ?
A5 You will have to Phone/Text 041582468 to make an appointment.

Q6 How do I order ?
A6 Go to Log in / Sign up along top menu bar and follow prompts.

Q7 Iam having trouble ordering / not comfortable ordering on line / lost password?
A7 If you are having trouble or uncomfortable ordering, registering, lost your password or an error has come up, please send an email explaining where we can help. If you need to order we will require your name, delivery address, phone number and your order. We will email back to you a tax invoice with our NAB bank details bottom left corner.(for Direct Deposit)

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